Please note: This only apply to all the Kellylin Branches. It’s important to remember that every bridal boutique is different, so policies may vary from business to business. Please check their own website if you planning visit our stockers.

Frequent Asked Questions:

What is our opening hour?

We are open Monday to Saturday 10am until 5:30pm. Close on Sunday and Public holidays. Late night and Sunday can be open by appointment.

Does it cost for a consultation?

FREE to try at all Kellylin Branches.

Why your gowns only priced not even half price as others who are at same quality with even better service?

As you may know we sew all the Gowns ourselves. So your dress will only be quoted by actual fabric used and hours involved. No middleman in between and no mark up by naming. That is also the reason why we can guarantee the quality and making time. Please come and check, the quality of the material we use and the workmanship we have are excellent.

When/why you need make per measurement service?

It’s often happens bust, waist and hip measurements falls in quite different size on size chart. Normally you will be told order the largest size from size chart, however this may change the whole look of the dress after alteration. And it does happen a lot in real life.

Do I need an appointment? Or Can I just walk-in?

We welcome walk ins, but especially on a Saturday you may have to wait. We highly recommend that you have one to avoid disappointment. You can just call in and talk to us about having a consultation at any time. We can book you in for a consultation or you can just go ahead at the time if we have space. If there is a specific gown you want to try then please do ring first and we will let you know if we can have it for you in the size.

What do I need to prepare for a fitting?

Please do not wear any make-up, however wear a good fitting bra and proper underwear.

How long is a consultation?

For Weekday appointment we normally continue the appointment as long as needed. Until we figure out the right shape for the body, the right look we after to suits the location the weather and the personality. Then discuss each small detail such as: different neckline, if any shoulder straps or sash on dress, or what beads to use, and what size train suited…
Every weekend consultation is limited an hour long. We happy extend the appointment for another half hour if no one waiting. Otherwise another subsequent visit will be arranged up on request, and then you can come back to try more or retry favorites, also discuss small details in further for a couture gown to be made.

Are all gowns on your website or in your shop have my size for try?

Normally we keep every design in a size range between 8 and 22 for bride to choose and try. As girls will only know if it’s really “the one” after trying the close size dress. If there is a specific gown you want to try from our website, please check with us, then we will book it and get ready for your appointment. By the way, we always have a lot of new arrivals and unique shop designs which we may not have time to update on website immediately, so just knock the shop have a view, which could be a lucky visit for your dream dress hunting. Bridesmaid dresses available in all sizes and all colors per color chart up on request. All the bridesmaid designs display on the website is available in shop for try.

I could not find my dream dress; can I get my dress made per my own design?

As we sew all the couture collection ourselves, so we definitely able to make your dress per your design. On the appointment, you need supply clear photos that tell everything you want, or you need clearly describe what you want, we will find similar dress in similar design for you to try and confirm. Then will go through all the making details. This will make per actual body measurements.

What is the best time to order my dress if I am still planning to lose bit weight?

In this case, we will try our best to give you longer time for your planning. Normally we will still recommend brides to start prepare one year before the wedding to find out the right design that suits the body shape and suits the wedding. Then we will prepare all the material and paper pattern for making. Your consultant will discuss with you for a best time come back to have final body check then get all parts of the dress sewing on.

What about if my gown arrives and needs alterations?

To avoid big alterations, we will make most gowns per main body measurements, this service will ensures measurements of bust, waist, hip and length are right. Make per measure does not cost extra; however you may still need small adjustments to ensure a perfect body fit, which will cost little extra.

Can I lay-by on my dress?

You can spread your gown over 4 to 6 payments (Minimum Deposit Required) or split it between ordering and arrival. Both of these payment options are interest free. Your consultant can discuss your personal needs when you are ready to order. We accept major credit cards.

How many people I can bring with for my consultation?

Choosing your wedding gown is a huge event. We understand most brides have several special people they want to share the experience with, and it can be hard to limit the guest list. Keep in mind that inviting too many opinions can be distracting and take the focus off of you, something you definitely do not want when looking for your dress. Choose two or three guests who know you and your style well and whose opinions you trust the most.

Is it appropriate to bring children?

Keep in mind this is your special day to find your dream dress and children can often be distracting. We request that any children you invite be able to remain still for an extended period of time, not only so they do not take attention away from you, but also for safety reason.

Can I have a steam service to fresh up the dress before the wedding?

It’s free if the gown from us. Please arrange a time and drop off the dress at least 3 working days before pick up.

Do you do alterations if I had my dress already?

Yes, we have alterations service in each of our branch. Just contact your nearest branch to make an appointment then you will get a quote before alteration on process.

Do you storage dress for customer?

Kellylin Couture is happy to storage the dress for you at no cost. However, dresses have to be taken with customer at least 6 weeks before the wedding for safety issue. While storage, the dress will be put to our main storage warehouse. So notice of 5 working days will required if you would take your family or friends to visit your gown (please note: it will cost $30 handling fee every time for any reason if customer requests to try the dress again after final fitting).

Can the dress order through online as I could not reach any of your branches or your stockers due to the distance?

Yes, we shipping worldwide to any place where does not have Kellylin Stocker. Please contact Kellylin Couture Auckland City Branch at 96 New North Rd.

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